My third book Untitled Vol.3 is available to purchase on .

The book showcases fifty black-and-white photographs from my ongoing master series "Untitled: A romantic typology of form", an artist statement, a bio, a resume and three articles written for the Huffington Post ("An artist's perspective on inspiration and making art,” 22 July, 2015, "Art seen through the lens of its architect,” 31 December, 2015, and “Art lets me be woman,” 9 January, 2017). The work is abstract in that it conveys a departure from reality. Yet the series is hyperrealistic in that images present sharp, high-resolution fragments of tangible objects. The photographs emphasize form and texture, while stressing what the subject may evoke in the viewer. The natural elements strategically placed within the frame may suggest particular behaviors such as seduction or withdrawal, or emotions like sadness, joy, and love.